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Changing livelihoods




Continuation of education




During the height of monsoon the flood-prone areas go under water, and floating schools move from door to door to ensure the continuation of education.




Overcoming traditional barriers




In Bangladesh, tradition and culture mores restrict women’s mobility. This means they are often relegated to jobs with low economic returns. However, the unique approach of our project addresses these barriers. Women now take full advantage of the information, education and training facilities delivered right to their doorsteps. The proximity of the facilities allays the concerns of their parents and guardians.




Additional hours at night




The SuryaHurricane solar lanterns are used in the dark villages for study and stitching kathas (quilts). The solar lanterns help people to spend more time in nighttime work, which has increased their income.


Now there's reduced dependency on kerosene, therefore, CO2 emissions and atmospheric pollution are reduced.




People taking control over their own lives




Trained farmers are using mechanical means of controlling insects, which has reduced the usages of pesticides. Agricultural productivity is increased. Farmers are concerned about endangered species and working together to preserve the biodiversity. Villagers are self-organized to address local issues, for example, climate adaptation, women rights, sanitation and clean drinking water.










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