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Climate Change




Climate change has increased the flooding in recent years. Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha as a local organization has proved that it is possible to deal with this climate change, to tackle pollution, and at the same time, to lift people out of poverty. The project has proved its usefulness in the continuation of education and survival during the flooding.


Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha works with local farmers in developing integrated floating farming methods to grow vegetables and raise fish and ducks on river and ponds, to help farmers carry on where no land to farm on. It has helped hundreds of landless farmers to secure their income, food and employment throughout the year.

The organization has created land access for thousands of landless farmers and provided them with agriculture inputs, so that they can grow flood resistant sugarcane varieties. These are improved sugarcane varieties and can stay under floodwater for few months. These varieties have the high sucrose content and helpful to the people during floods, particularly when the pure drinking water is not available.


Shidhulai has introduced floating rainwater harvesting center to collect safe drinking water in the flood-prone regions. During the monsoon season the center collects rainwater using water collector and stores water in the onboard storage tanks, and then supplies the safe drinking water to the floating schools.

During the flooding, Shidhulai provides emergency relief to the affected areas.


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