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Mr Mohammed Rezwan, Shidhulai’s founder and executive director, grew up in the country’s northwest, where his organization operates. He saw many of his friends and relatives were denied access to education due to the monsoon. It was difficult for him to accept the situation. Later he studied Architecture. He considered dedicating his life to building schools and hospitals, but then he realized they would be under water soon. He thought of boats. But he did not find any one to invest in his ideas on floating community. Then he started working as a social entrepreneur and founded the non-profit organization Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha in 1998. He started the organization with US $500 of his own school scholarship money and savings, and with an old computer.

Mr Rezwan had no experience with writing grant proposals, but just researched on the internet and wrote emails and submitted proposals to hundreds of organizations he thought could help. It took him four years to generate funds to build the first floating school in 2002.







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If the children can not come to the school because of poor communication, then the school should go to them.