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Shidhulai on International Radio & TV Channels


Al Jazeera: ‘Bangladesh school stays afloat as waters rise’, December 27, 2012.

ABC Radio Australia, November 23, 2012.

Euronews: ‘WISE summit announces six new winners’, November 15, 2012.

CNN International: ‘Helping save lives one boat at a time’, October 02, 2012.

Euronews: ‘Making Waves’, July 18, 2012.


CNN International (Future Cities of Quest Means Business): ‘Dhaka’s Challenge: How to House 15 Million People’, May 21, 2012.

The Panos Pictures: 'Bangladeshi Boat School'

CNN International: ‘Bangladeshis rely on floating schools amid flooding’, July 20 and August 5-9, 2010.

National Geographic Channel: ‘Don't Tell My Mother, I am in Dhaka: Water World’, July 19, 2010.

CBC-SRC/ Radio Canada: ‘Le Noé du Bangladesh (The Bangladesh Noah)’, March 26, 2010.

Al Jazeera English (Riz Khan Show): ‘Bangladesh's floating schools’, December 31, 2009.

GRITtv: ‘Mohammed Rezwan: Global Community’, December 18, 2009.

PBS World Focus: 'Bangladesh reels from the impact of climate change', December 08, 2009.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS): 'Water World - Is a coastal catastrophe approaching, and what should we be doing about it?', October 23, 2009.

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer of Public Broadcasting Services (PBS): ‘After Major Cyclone, Bangladesh Worries About Climate Change’, March 28, 2008.

Deutsche Welle Radio: ‘Interview with Mohammed Rezwan about World Water Day 2008 and his floating village project’, March 22, 2008.

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly of Public Broadcasting Services (PBS): ‘Bangladesh Relief’, February 15, 2008.

Voice of America: ‘Interview with Mohammed Rezwan on Education Program’, October 05, 2007.

BBC Bengali service: ‘Interview with Mohammed Rezwan on boat project’, June 21, 2007.







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