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People We Work For


The people Shidhulai is working for are mostly children, girls and young women. 70% of the target group is women.


Life in Monsoon


One third of the country floods annually during the monsoon season, but extreme floods can cover up to two thirds. Every year during the rainy season, which lasts from mid-May to late October, monsoon winds brings plenty of rainfall that causes hundreds of rivers to swell and overflow onto the land. Bangladesh receives between 78 to 157 inches of rainfall per year and 80% of this rainfall happens during the monsoon season. In recent years, flooding has become more severe.

During the monsoon season thousands of schools are forced to close and many children miss school days to floods. Libraries, clinics and other community services are not available in the flood-prone areas.


The Tradition


Due to the tradition, girls are not allowed to move around freely, even at early stages of their life, which affects the girl children’s enrollment to the school. Further more, if poor parents can afford to send a child to school, it would most likely to be a son, as a girl child is an important source of labor for a poor family. Here early marriage and dowry customs are major factors for the domestic violence. Women are still excluded from direct access to land. Also they are unlikely to claim their share of family property unless it is offered to them.






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