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Daily Alokito Bangladesh: ‘In Chalanbeel floating schools bringing education’, August 27, 2013.

Daily Shamokal: ‘Boat schools’, August 18, 2013.


Daily Ittefaq: ‘Boats give the hope to enlighten every household: technology based initiative of Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha’, July 20, 2008.

Daily Amar Desh: ‘Boat schools in Chalanbeel to fulfill adult literacy goals’, July 12, 2008.

Daily Shamokal: ‘New hope on eyes of marginal farmers: Technological developments in Chalanbeel (part 2)’, July 02, 2008.

Daily Amar Desh: ‘Hurricane (lamp) without kerosene lights up Chalanbeel’, July 01, 2008.

Daily Jugantor: ‘Life evolves around Shidhulai boats’, July 01, 2008.


Daily Shamokal: ‘Education on boats: Technological developments in Chalanbeel (part 1)’, July 01, 2008.

Daily Shamokal: ‘Solar Hurricane lantern in Chalanbeel’, June 30, 2008.

Daily Shamokal: ‘Electricity for education’, May 16, 2008.

Daily Shamokal: ‘Now boat school is a role model for the world’, April 25, 2008.

Weekly IT Shomoy: ‘Technology based boat in the flooded lands’, April 05, 2008.

Daily Inqilab: ‘Technology serving every house at Chalanbeel’, March 31, 2008.

Dainik Destiny: ‘Students like boat school’, December 3, 2007.

Monthly Computer Bichitra: ‘Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha moving towards bright future’, November 2007.

Weekly Shaptahik 2000: ‘Local innovation on combating climate change’, November 30, 2007.

Daily Amar Desh: ‘Houses are enlightened by the solar lamps’, October 20, 2007.


Daily Jai Jai Din: ‘Boat based different development activities’, October 08, 2007.

Daily Bhorer Kagoj: ‘Boat school in Chalanbeel’, October 07, 2007.

Daily Jai Jai Din: ‘Solar on boats: infinite opportunity in the energy sector’, October 07, 2007.

The New Age: ‘Bangladesh children flock to school on water’, October 04, 2007.

Daily Amar Desh: ‘Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha wins over the world’, October 03, 2007.

Daily Prothom Alo: ‘Boat school wins UN environmental prize’, September 28, 2007.

The New Nation: ‘Boat school: a new innovation of learning’, September 7, 2007.

The Bangladesh Observer: ‘Shidhulai’s high-tech aided boats opening a new horizon in education and poverty reduction in Chalanbeel area’, September 4, 2007.










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