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Bangladesh has limited natural resources and is now strongly impacted by climate change, and this makes it very difficult for the people here to help their own communities.




Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha overcame the challenge that the ecosystem of Bangladesh poses and found an innovative way to deliver information and education to residents. Shidhulai has transformed the regions waterways into pathways for education, information and technology. Shidhulai has converted boats into schools, libraries, healthcare and trainings centers to the isolated waterside communities.


Shidhulai works in four themes: Learning, Sustainable Agriculture, Healthcare and Climate Change.


Centre for Library & Technology, largest knowledge resource centre in northwest Bangladesh




Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha developed a Centre for Library & Technology in Chalanbeel region. All these facilities are placed in a large building surrounded by a water body and agricultural fields within 20,000 square meters of lands. The centre imparts training courses on computer, technology, sustainable agriculture and human rights to thousands students and educators. They also get access to books and information resources.





The central library has internet linked PC’s, 50,000 books and periodicals, and the technology centre is equipped with more than 100 computers.


Changing livelihoods


During the height of monsoon the riverside low lying area goes under water, and boat school moves from door to door to ensure the continuation of education.


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