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Bangladesh has the highest rural population density in the world. Population density is 1,174 people per square kilometer. Here pressure on the land is so overwhelming that it leaves little choice for the poorest segment of the population but to move to remote, inaccessible flood-prone areas to settle.


Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha is working for landless people in the flood-prone Chalanbeel regions in northwestern Bangladesh. Here many people have no land with which to support themselves and no access to education, information, training or electricity. More than 40% are considered landless by the Government, and at least 31.5% live below the poverty line.

The government and NGO are not active in these areas because they are so hard to reach and subjected to monsoon flooding. People living here therefore do not have any access to the information about developments in national laws, regulations and policies, and also lack opportunities to skill development training which results in poverty and human rights violations.







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